Quality Certifications

Zodiac Interconnect US's vision is to become the premier supplier of engineered electrical interconnect solutions for System-level OEM customers in the aerospace and defense industry.
Our philosophy of Quality begins with design and is monitored from incoming inspection through the manufacturing and assembly processes, through to customer field support.
We utilize state-of-the-art test equipment, for example the DIT-MCO 2115 Wiring Analyzer, to perform extensive electrical testing. Icore employs a highly trained staff of inspectors and specialists with many years of combined experience.
At Zodiac Interconnect US we are committed to fully support our customers, working in partnership with them throughout the product life cycle. We accomplish this by fostering an environment of innovation in design and product development, encouraging continuous improvement in all of our processes, and constantly looking for ways to improve product quality, delivery schedule, and reliability.
At Zodiac Interconnect US we are increasingly called upon to demonstrate sound management of economic, social, and environmental issues. Because of this responsibility, Zodiac Interconnect US has become a certified participant to the ISO 14001 standard.