Zodiac Electrical Inserts Europe

Zodiac Electrical Inserts Europe is a leading manufacturer of galley inserts for all aircraft types – twin aisle and single aisle. The portfolio includes a long term established product range of different ovens, coffee makers, beverage makers, water boilers, bun warmers and ice containers appreciated and valued by our customers due to their strong reliability and high quality.


Additionally, Zodiac Electrical Inserts Europe launches the Concert Suite™, a completely new generation of galley inserts. Serving our customer needs on lower weight, improved safety and noise reduction technologies. The Concert products are designed to trim up to 75 kilograms in weight on a typical widebody configuration which leads to fuel savings at our customers. And with our focus on always maximizing safety, the new design includes an oven door with double safety latching which can be used with only one hand, an insulated serving pot and a steam oven without internal overpressure. Regarding the noise emission the inserts realize an average of 15,7 dB below the most stringent limits - The Concert Suite™ is there to meet your expectations.

Zodiac Electrical Inserts Europe is located in Burg, Germany, and employs over 120 people. Development, design, manufacturing, and service of the galley inserts is all done in-house by our highly experienced team.

Company history

The history of Sell goes back to the pre-fifties, when Mr. Werner Sell had made a name for himself in the production and installation of industrially fitted kitchens. The first Sell galley for the aviation industry was installed in the very first Super Constellation aircraft of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. In the years after, new aircraft were launched in the industry. The B707, B747 and DC10, all had the Zodiac Electrical Inserts Europe installed, thanks to their innovative technology and successful track record.

Soon Sell also started the development and production of galley inserts, and its Juno Oven had a great brand reputation. In 1964 new innovative ovens were launched. These ovens could not only thaw, but grill food – a revolution in aircraft galleys.  In 1977 the company delivered the 3,000th thawing oven as well as the 1,000th self-cleaning convection oven to airline customers.

In the 80s Sell modernized production methods resulting in newly developed cabinets. By using lighter materials, Sell’s ovens weigh 9kg less than their competitors. In 2000, Sell transferred the manufacturing of Rumbold insert products to Germany and the number of employees again began to rise. In 2008, the success of Sell‘s galley inserts business led to the opening of the Burg facility.