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Customer Support Hotline: 1-877-430-1310 

Technical Support
The Zodiac Data Systems Technical Website provides an on-line support resource for all HEIM branded products. This valuable resource is available to all existing customers free of charge allow easy access to all the latest versions of manuals, software, firmware, release notes and application information. 
To sign up for our on-line technical support service, please contact us and ask for ""Technical Web Site Access"". 
Engineering Support
Zodiac Data Systems offers a wide range of data acquisition systems suitable for installation in a variety of platforms with the potential for close integration with other command and control, measurement, surveillance and test systems. 
Inevitably, most projects of this nature can endure various engineering challenges. For that reason we have expert Applications Engineers at your service to help you achieve your desired configuration. Zodiac Data Systems Applications Engineers are experienced, knowledgeable and able to call on significant design and development resources if required. We can advise and assist on the best way to integrate our products into your applications. 
Please contact a Field Applications Engineer in your area for additional information today! 
  • Installation capabilities include:
  • Transportable pallets
  • RV based mobile range test instrumentation
  • Transportable containers carrying integrated ground stations
  • Direct replacement of legacy recorder
  • Integration capabilities include:
  • Connection to Networks for data storage and system control
  • Control from legacy computers
  • Direct replacement of legacy system components
Customer Support & Repair Services
In keeping with the high quality and reliability of our products, we maintain a well-equipped service and support facility for all our products. Our service organization is located in Alpharetta, GA. This state-of-the-art facility provides a climate-controlled environment and ergonomic workspace purposely designed for calibrating, testing and repairing your instrumentation equipment.
For immediate Service assistance, you can contact us at (877) 403-1310 and a representative will follow up with you shortly!
Continuing our commitment to your future needs, we also offer long-term preventative maintenance and calibration Maintenance Contracts designed to best suit your equipment, application, operational and financial needs. Please contact us for more information.
We provide Service & Support for the following products:
  • HEIM
D4, D12, D20, D20f, D200f, D5000, D7000
GSR20, GSR200
GSS100, GSSr
FTrans Software
DATCopy, DATWare Software
MediaSuite Software
  • IN-SNEC® 
Cortex CRT NT
Cortex CRT XL
Cortex CRT XL-2
Cortex HDR
Cortex RTR
VME-based Cortex
Cortex RSR
DISCLAIMER: We do not perform service or provide support for any RT Logic or Lumistar branded products, including products that have embedded IN-SNEC OEM hardware. Our repair & maintenance offerings are limited to U.S.-based customers only. 
Maintenance Contract Service
We understand that as a user of Zodiac Data Systems equipment, you have a strong commitment to providing quality information to your customers, on time and on budget. Many acquisition missions are comprised of one-time-only events that demand ultimate reliability and availability of equipment. We also understand your financial controller can have a hard time quantifying successful customer service and effective responsiveness to your customers. 
One way to manage the risk of failure and non-availability of equipment while also managing the associated costs, is to employ a Service & Maintenance Contract. 
Our Service & Maintenance Contracts are designed to be hassle free insurance-policies to ensure preventative measures are taken, in addition to managing the on-going calibration, maintenance and repair of your HEIM, ENERTEC or IN-SNEC equipment. A contract can be custom tailored to your needs, equipment, operational methods and strategic objectives. 
Regular calibration and maintenance will ensure a high equipment availability and high data quality: the contract simply fixes your costs for this risk management option over a period of time. 
Maintenance Contract benefits also include:
  • Reliable equipment operation
  • Predictable and controlled maintenance costs
  • High equipment availability
  • Enhanced record integrity
  • Operation and performance to technical specifications
  • Assured cross-compatibility for multi-machine operations
  • Loaner units to those who are eligible
  • No overseas shipping for product repair
  • Service contract options: 1 to 3 year options 
If you are interested in purchasing or would like more information about our Maintenance Contracts please feel free to complete our Request for Service Maintenance Form or contact us via our Customer Support Hotline : 1-877-430-1310 .


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