Zodiac Aerosafety Systems (Elastomer)

Zodiac Aerosafety Systems (Elastomer) is based in Europe through its 2 entities : 
  • Zodiac Elastomer Europe, located in Caudebec-Les-Elboeuf, manages the whole Elastomer manufacturing process, from rubber blends to the final product. Zodiac Elastomer Europe is a leader in fuel, de-icing and anti-icing systems. 
  • Zodiac Composites Europe, located in Saint-Crépin, offers a unique expertise in the manufacturing of composite products. Zodiac Composites Europe is a leader in composite tanks, engine acoustic panels and engine cascades.
Zodiac Aerosafety Systems (Elastomer) is also based in Tunisia. 
Our expertises
Zodiac Aerosafety Systems (Elastomer) designs and manufactures: 
  • Flexible equipment made of complex textiles for fuel flexible tanks, de-icers, flexible tanks, complex elastomer products;
  • Complete system for fuel delivery to aircraft and rigid composites assemblies for engine environment and fuel tanks; 
  • Composite parts for engine nacelles and aerostructures.