Zodiac Aerosafety Systems (Arresting Systems)


Zodiac Arresting Systems Europe (ZASE) is a world leader in the design, production, and services for military aircraft arresting systems (barriers).  Zodiac Arresting Systems Europe origins in arresting systems activity commenced in 1959 when the company issued a patent covering the Multiple Element Net which in turn lead to the development of the company in the 1960’s as a major and recognized entity.

Building on expertise and favorable market position, we have designed a comprehensive range of products;
  • Fixed and Mobile Textile and Mechanical Energy Absorbers
  • Net Stanchion Systems
  • Retractable Hook Cable Systems
Zodiac Arresting Systems Europe’s product offerings answer the most stringent international air forces needs, as proven by our qualifications with comprehensive US and French Air Forces testing requirements.
Since 2003, we have also taken the design and manufacturing authority for the Befab product line as the OEM.
Capitalizing on this technical experience, we have widened our expertise to include support services such as turnkey projects including civil works and installations, user training, logistic and technical support.  
Zodiac Arresting Systems Europe is the qualified European Center for Overhaul and Upgrade of ZASD systems, offering OEM competence with logistical benefits to regional customers.  
To enrich our potential and satisfy our customers, we have developed internal means that allow us to be more efficient;
  • Production expertise including ERP and Lean techniques
  • Ownership and Maintenance Cost reduction
  • Project Management
  • Dedicated Innovation/R&T structure
  • Simulation expertise
  • And above all, an Engaged Workforce
Zodiac Arresting Systems Europe is certificated ISO9001 / EN 9100, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.
We truly believe that by carefully listening to your needs, we can together design and provide you with customized solutions.

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