Zodiac Aero Electric (Electrical Power Systems)

Zodiac Aero Electric is a world leader in electrical power distribution system and flight deck equipment, lighting systems and windshield wiper system.

Zodiac Aero Electric was originally founded in 1948 by Mr Auchapt to develop and manufacture electrical power contactors and relays. After more than 50 years of successful development, Zodiac Aero Electric was purchased by Intertechnique, an aerospace leader in oxygen, fuel and computer monitoring systems.

This positioned Zodiac Aero Electric as a major player on the market for electrical distribution and cockpit components.  Over the years as a subsidiary of Intertechnique, Zodiac Aero Electric was able to develop its market share and also to buy a US company called IDD Aerospace to strengthen its position on the cockpit equipment and illuminated light plates. In 1998, Zodiac Aero Electric acquired the Teleflex Syneravia company from the Groupe L. Dupont to develop its market share on the External Lighting and Windshield Wiper and Washer Systems. In 1999, Zodiac Aerospace acquired the Intertechnique group.