Tandem Parachutes

MMS 420

The unique HAHO HALO Tandem equipment built with identical main and reserve canopies, the MMS 420 is a transformable system allowing the users to fulfill several types of mission simply by adding or removing specific kits and/or accessories.


MMS 533

Whether you want to jump solo, with a passenger, with the tethered tandem bundle or with the K harness fully equipped for combat in each configuration, the MMS 533 provides you with the best option for all types of tactical environments.

Designed to fit military special forces specifications, the MMS 533 is the only parachute system on the market with a payload capacity of 295kg in any emergency configuration.



MMS P.B.O. (Multi Mission System Parachute Biplace Operationnel) has been developped in accordance with the technical requirement of French Forces related to Tandem Jump with passenger or load (until 100 kg) and specific equipment..

The  MMS P.B.O. (Multi Mission System Parachute System) has been adopted by the  French Army, Air Force, Navy.

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