Steerable Parachutes

ARZ 697

The ARZ 697B-29D static line deployed parachute is a maneuverable parachute with its own constant speed. Derived from the 696 canopy (EPI), this parachute has been designed for extra-safe dropping of airborne crew members together with their personal equipment under extreme wind conditions up to 10m/s. It is qualified for use in France and most of the other airborne troops around the world.



MC1 Steerable Troop Assault Parachute assemblies are used during static line airborne operations. The variuos MC1 assemblies have been in service for several decades as the primary means of combat and troop deployment.



The Unique SAVIAC MK6 steerable MK6 steerable static-line troop parachute assembly incorporate  a combination of  a low rate of descent with high load capacity, as well as a reduced oscillation in flight of less than 2.5 degrees from the vertical plane for a softer, safer landing platform.


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