Reserve Parachutes

ARZ 511

The ARZ 511 reserve parachute increase s operational capacity and jump safety from airborne units. Users will be thouroughly won over by the ARZ 511  DAD’s (Development Activation Device) efficiency. The ARZ 511 is compatible with a large main static-line back parachutes range in the whole wide world.

The ARZ 511 anables low altitude mass drops achievement up to 165 kg (363 lb)



T-10R  Reserve Troop Parachute  Assembly is used as an emergency type parachute that is manually operated in case of main troop parachute malfunction. The various T-10R assemblies has been  in service for several decades and are used in conjunction  with T-10 and MC1 troop main parachute assemblies. Parachutes are produced in accordance with the latest applicable US Army and Parachute  Industry Association (PIA) specifications.



The  unique SAVIAC MK5/6 Reserve static-line troop parachute assembly incorporates a low rate of descent as well as a reduced oscillation in-flight of less than 10° from the vertical plane for a safe landing plateform.


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