Parachutes Harnesses

BA-20 / BA-22
Emergency Parachutes: BA-20, BA-22, CA-12, SA-20
The BA-22 Emergency Back Assembly is a high speed parachute. This back style parachute is configured for use in fixed wing aircraft, such as C-141, C-130, KC-135, B52, C-5, F-5, T-37, T-38, A-37, and F-100.
ARZ 357
The ARZ 357 emergency back parachute developed by AERAZUR is designed for preserving pilots and crew members during
their missions.Fitted with a manual ripcord handle or a chronobarometric release ripcord, this parachute will open safely when required and provide proper deceleration.
The Pioneer ParaSail® Assembly is designed to lift persons between 80 amd 225 pounds at vehicle speeds of 10-20 miles per hour (mph).
The Pioneer ParaSail® is currently used by the U.S. Navy for the overland descent training program; and the U.S. Air Force to support the joint Primary Pilot Training Program. In addition, NASA’s Astronaut Class members take part in ground egress and ParaSail® training exercises.
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