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  • Greenpoint Aerospace and LoPresti Aviation attain BoomBeam HID STC
Septembre 2016

Greenpoint Aerospace and LoPresti Aviation attain BoomBeam HID STC

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Denton, Texas – 08 September 2016 – Greenpoint Aerospace, Inc., a maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility, and LoPresti Aviation proudly announce the addition of Piaggio P-180 aircraft to the LoPresti Aviation BoomBeam HID Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). 

LoPresti Aviation’s BoomBeam HID light system upgrades both landing and taxi lights. This upgrade significantly improves safety, lighting up the runway from thousands of feet with a 400% increase in range and 70% decrease in amps. The BoomBeam HID lights offer a five year parts warranty.
Steve Bruce, Sales Director at Greenpoint Aerospace explains, “It was a pleasure partnering with LoPresti Aviation to develop this safety improvement for the P-180. When the customer and LoPresti requested to complete the first installation at our facility, we were happy to help. The speed of approval, simplicity of installation and outstanding performance of the lights is remarkable. We recommend this upgrade to all of our customers.” 
“We receive many requests from Piaggio customers who wish to install our lights on their aircraft, and teaming with Greenpoint Aerospace makes the process extremely simple. I am certain that every owner who witnesses these lights in action will want them for their aircraft,” states David LoPresti, Vice President of Sales at LoPresti Aviation.
LoPresti Aviation’s BoomBeam HID Light System in Action
Before Installation of the BoomBeam HID Light System – Limited Range
Before (left) and After (right) BoomBeam HID Light System Installation



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Greenpoint Technologies, filiale de Zodiac Aerospace,...