Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems

Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems is the world’s leading provider of integrated water & waste systems with thousands of our products flying on almost every known aircraft type.

Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems is a multi-dimensional supplier of cabin systems and equipment to the aerospace industry, managing programs from development to certification and in-service support. The company has been successfully managing large and complex water and waste systems for various aircrafts. Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems is also an experienced component & systems supplier for commuter/executive aircraft programs.
Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems has evolved over the past five decades from a single product line company to a multi-dimension supplier of aircraft systems and equipment. With a proven track record for over 50 years, Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems leads technical excellence in the aerospace industry. Today, there is a Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems product on-board nearly every western commercial aircraft flying in the world. 
The company’s achievements include the development and introduction of the first aircraft recirculating toilet, the first aircraft vacuum toilet, the first passenger airstairs, and the first company to independently develop and launch a comprehensive vacuum waste integration system for a major aircraft platform. Our proven ability to successfully manage even the largest, most complex water and waste systems from development to certification and in-service support has been repeatedly demonstrated.        
Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems is a leader in fusing designs, innovation and producing some of the most reliable cabin system equipment including, water and waste systems, galley waste disposal systems, crew/operator seats and structural components. 
Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems’ energy is focused on our customer’s needs and technical validation that translates to superior product and systems reliability. Our dedicated team of experienced research engineers and technicians seek the next generation technology through innovative research, design, development utilizing the most advanced methodologies and techniques.    

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