Zodiac Seats US

Zodiac Seats US offers a comprehensive range of products:
  • Economy class passenger seats
  • Business and First class passenger seats


Zodiac Seats US  also includes Zodiac Seats California which specializes in passenger seats for regional aircraft manufacturers. Zodiac Seats US designs, certifies and assembles innovative, personalizable and high-added-value products. It has world-renowned expertise in economy class.
Ergonomics at the heart of seat design
Airline companies are very concerned about the comfort of their passengers. Zodiac Seats US is developing seats to meet this demand, offering the highest possible cabin density without reducing passenger comfort.
Zodiac Seats US factors issues connected with an ageing population, obesity and deep-vein thrombosis into its developments. Zodiac Seats US pays particular attention to ergonomics and developing connectivity in its products by incorporating various electronic functions