Zodiac Seats UK

Zodiac Seats UK offers a wide range of passenger seats:
  • First class
  • Business class
  • Premium economy class


Zodiac Seats UK designs, certifies and assembles innovative and personalizable products with a high-added-value. Zodiac Seats UK focus on high-end products and support its customers throughout the product’s lifetime.

More than 80 years of Premium Experience

Zodiac Seats UK is highly recognised for its passenger experience, expertise, bespoke capabilities and co-creation abilities which is why Zodiac Seats UK has become one of the industry leaders in the Premium & Bespoke Aircraft Seating Segment.

Co-creation, Working in partnership

Introducing a collaborative design process with the customers, working together from the first opportunity ensures Zodiac Seats UK arrives at ITCM with well defined, low risk programme.

Cabin layout is a strategic issue for our industry

Top-of-the range seats provide numerous cabin layout opportunities. Zodiac Seats UK is developing its products by focusing on its expertise in optimizing available cabin space. Zodiac Seats UK offers seats which allow for high cabin density and passenger comfort (direct access to the gangway, management of different flight phases, etc...).


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