Zodiac Parachute and Protection South Africa

Zodiac Parachute & Protection South Africa  (Parachute Industries of Southern Africa – PISA) has acquired a leading position from a local parachute supplier into a global supplier in parachute systems. 

Since its establishment in 1965 Zodiac Parachute & Protection SA (ZPP SA) has progressed  into a global supplier to more than 40 Countries. Dedication to quality and good management has helped ZPP SA grow into an internationally accredited manufacturer with an impressive range of products. In early 2006 Zodiac Parachute & Protection South Africa was acquired by the Zodiac group.
Zodiac Parachute & Protection South Africa manufactures products that cover a wide spectrum of parachute requirements. These products fall into three broad categories: 
1. Personnel Parachutes that include static line troop parachutes for mass drops. These parachutes come in both non-steerable and steerable models. 
2. Ram Air Gliding Parachutes used in both free fall (HALO / HAHO) and static line (HAHO) for tactical assault purposes commonly used by Special Forces troops. 
3. Retardation, Deceleration, Illumination flare, Aircraft Sub-System Parachutes, and Special End Use parachutes. 
Zodiac Parachute & Protection South Africa is an approved designer and supplier to the South African National Defence Force (Armscor Procurement). ZPP SA is also an approved design authority and manufacturer of parachutes with the South African Civil Aviation Authority. 
We strive to differentiate ourselves by the quality of our products, a broad range of parachutes and good international after-sales service, thereby offering our customers real value for money.