Quality & Policies

Quality Assurance is a total commitment at Zodiac Oxygen Systems US. Further assurance lies in our certification documentation and compliance with the various regulations and requirements of federal, industrial, and commercial customers including: OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, FAA, AS9100 (SAE), ISO 14001, DOT, and Boeing AQS.
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Environmental, Health & Safety Policy 

Zodiac Oxygen Systems, US (ZOSU) is committed to protecting our employees, visitors, contractors and the environment.  We will continually make improvements that reduce and, where possible, eliminate exposure to health and safety risks and minimize our footprint on the environment.  This will be accomplished by regularly analyzing and updating targets and objectives that impact our established goals.  Those goals include the reduction of injury and illness, increased recycle rates, reduced utility usage rates, and an ongoing pollution prevention program.  Constant awareness and compliance with legal, corporate, and customer requirements are an integral part of our process.  ZOSU will review this policy to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate through review and revision in an effort to continually improving our system. 
Quality Policy
Quality Assurance is an inseparable partner to our manufacturing processes. Beginning with our Supplier Quality Assurance program and continuing through our World Class Advanced Quality Systems - quality is built in at Zodiac Oxygen Systems US. Our suppliers are subject to a pre-contract award Quality Systems analysis, or must demonstrate a recent history of valid quality performance. Each supplier also undergoes periodic review and is continually rated to detect trends in the standard of materials supplied.
Training and Certification
Zodiac Oxygen Systems US personnel are extensively trained, particularly in Quality Assurance concepts. All operators must successfully complete lengthy certification programs. After passing the in-depth testing at the end of each program, our trained personnel are qualified to do their own inspection. For further quality assurance our certified operators are observed by our own internal auditors, making certain we achieve our quality goals. This is just one factor in Zodiac Oxygen Systems US mission to build in quality at the source, rather than to build first and inspect at the end of the production cycle.
Clean Room Facilities
We feel Clean Rooms are the only way to achieve the quality we demand for our high pressure oxygen products as well as meet aerospace standards. The Clean Room ensures our products meet our safety requirements by eliminating possible contamination and danger caused by submicron particles during the final assembly process.
Zodiac Oxygen Systems US has a Class 100,000 Clean Room with temperature and humidity controls, in addition to maintaining less than 100,000 airborne particles of .5 microns or less per cubic foot of air. It is critical that all final assembly be done in the Clean Room. Parts are precision cleaned just prior to entering the room and pass through positive pressure air locks. Personnel wear special clothing and all customary Clean Room standards are maintained.
Zodiac Oxygen Systems US Operating System
We has developed and installed a customer focused Zodiac Oxygen Systems US Operating System (AOS) which defines all our internal processes. This system is audited to ISO9001 and to AS9100 and is compliant with those and other quality requirements. In addition, the AOS defines all our businesses and operating processes which are also subject to audit. The AOS is in visual (flow chart) format, is easy to comprehend and use and is deployed to every desk top via the company intranet. We are confident that the AOS enables us to deliver quality products and continually improve our performance.
Quality Policy Documents