At Zodiac Interconnect UK, we believe in supplying the correct, reliable, robust products and services to exactly match our customers needs. 
Our staff are fully committed to continuous improvement with an emphasis on achieving and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. As a Group, we believe that today's performance - however good - can always be bettered.
We hold nationally and internationally recognised approvals, a list of which is available on request.

Some European Approvals

  • BS EN ISO 9001-2008
  • AS EN 9100
  • CAA-EASA Part 21 Subpart "G"
  • BS EN ISO 14001
Contact us for more information.

USA Approvals

We also hold many individual approvals from major global OEMs.


The environment affects us all, and Zodiac Interconnect UK strives to reduce its environmental impact to the minimum.
To achieve this, we maintain an effective environmental policy encompassing every aspect of our business and are accredited to ISO 14001.
We aim to be a responsible neighbour.



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