Zodiac Interconnect Canada

With over 1,000 employees, Zodiac Interconnect has the knowledge, expertise, and resources to engineer and deliver innovative and cost-effective interconnect products and systems for harsh and safety-critical environments in the aerospace, defense, industrial, and energy industries.
Zodiac Interconnect maintains close proximity to its customers with 7 manufacturing facilities and 4 engineering centers located around the world. In Americas, Zodiac Interconnect is present through three entities: 
  • Zodiac Interconnect Canada (Ontario)
  • Zodiac Interconnect US in California
  • Zodiac Interconnect has also a manufacturing facility in Mexico (Chihuahua)
All our plants have AS9100 and Part 21G accredited Management Systems. Our repair facilities in Europe and North America hold Part 145 maintenance approval.

Expertise and applications

We invest heavily in Research & Development and have significant expertise in state-of-the-art technologies which allow us to provide an innovative and comprehensive range of products and custom solutions to specific problems. 

Electrical Interconnect Components

We are experts in the design and manufacture of components for wiring protection and cable management, including wrappable sleeves, rigid, flexible, or hybrid conduits, and metallic or composite backshells and accessories. These component systems provide EMC, EMI, lightning strike and physical protection in hostile and safety-critical environments.

Electrical Interconnect Systems

Zodiac Interconnect are the world’s leading supplier of landing gear electrical systems and experts in the design and manufacture of wiring systems for static and dynamic applications in safety-critical and harsh environments, with a deep understanding of aerospace requirements. We have developed strong partnerships with the main actors in the aerospace sector and have an outstanding track record of successful ‘build to specification’ projects.

Fluid Transfer Systems

Zodiac Interconnect manufactures and assembles a wide range of specialist elastomer and convoluted PTFE low and medium pressure hoses for aerospace, defense, automotive, and industrial applications in harsh and safety-critical environments, including elevated temperatures. We are licensed to manufacture high pressure aerospace and industrial hose assemblies using third party proprietary components.

Power Contact Solutions

Zodiac Interconnect produces the Icore range of high-performance lamella contact bands for high current and power applications. Rated from 50A to 10,000A, these products offer a high current density and number of operating cycles, combined with a low insertion force and temperature rise.