Quality Policy

Zodiac Galleys USA specializes in the design, manufacture, certification and marketing of high quality galleys and other cabin structures. Product lines include the well-known modular B737 MaxFlex Galleys, stowages, partition walls and VCC monuments. The Galleys suite of products is recognized as one of the lightest in the industry. Zodiac Galleys USA serves virtually all the world’s airlines, leasing companies and airframe manufacturers, and gained world market leadership by providing its customers products and services of the highest quality.


Zodiac Galleys USA are conceptually designed and then manufactured to the highest standards of Certification, Materials and Quality. Proven methods allow Zodiac Aerospace to produce best in class galleys at a competitive price. A well-staffed engineering department comprising seasoned professionals applies their skills utilizing a vast array of advanced computer systems. These skills encompass many disciplines, among them design engineering, structures technology, and systems engineering.


Galleys Product Support: http://dts.driessenusa.com