Zodiac Executive Aircraft Inserts

Zodiac Executive Aircraft Inserts Corporation (ZXAI) is the first choice for high-end electrical inserts for the executive aircraft industry.  We specialize in elegant and customized electric equipment to satisfy our business jet customers as well as our cargo, military, and mainstream clients. Compliant with global regulations yet beautifully blended to match any aircraft’s design, Zodiac Executive Aircraft Inserts Corporation can accommodate everything from a gourmet chef to a standard catering environment. 
In 2008, Zodiac Aerospace acquired the respected TIA (The Richards Corporation) to focus on the executive electrical inserts market. ZXAI design engineers are innovators and a trail blazer in the competitive galley inserts industry.  We challenge ourselves to create beautiful, high-tech equipment that can be found in the most luxurious executive aircrafts to the more utilitarian heavy duty cargo freighters, while adhering to the strict certifications and approvals standards from governments worldwide.
As a part of the Zodiac Aerospace group, ZXAI can leverage the resources from all of our business units and suppliers to provide a complete cabin interior solution to our business jet partners. Our expertise and experience in the galley inserts industry is second to none. We are proud to have met and exceeded many of our clients’ catering requests — from design to performance of electrical inserts for over 40 years. As we continue to expand our focus, we look for ways to enhance value through innovation and support in areas ranging from lighter-weight appliances to greater flexibility in customized offerings. 
People who require the best executive catering performance rely on Zodiac Executive Aircraft Inserts Corporation.