Support - ENERTEC branded products

ZODIAC DATA SYSTEMS is organized to assist the System Integrator and/or the End-User at all stages of a program with operator/maintenance training, spares provisioning, maintenance contracts, etc.
The proposed Product Support concept is a fairly simple 2-level maintenance concept, where the System Integrator and/or the End-User operate Operational Maintenance (OM, often referred to as Organisational-level Maintenance), while ZODIAC DATA SYSTEMS operates Deeper Maintenance (DM, often referred to as Depot-level Maintenance).
Such simple 2-level maintenance concept proves to be the most efficient and the most cost-effective when applied to items that are:
  • Electronic only,
  • Compact, single LRU, high level of electronic integration,
  • Reliable, with MTBF of same order of magnitude as intended operating life.
Above characteristics are those of the ENERTEC™ series of airborne video/data recorders/servers, for which Zodiac Data Systems can make available all services and supplies required for implementing Operational Maintenance:
  • Recommended spare provisioning,
  • Recommended Support & Test Equipment,
  • Introduction into Service Training,
  • Technical Documentation.
Particularly, the recommended range, quantity and consignment of spares to be procured are based on:
  • Fleet size,
  • Specified operational logistics requirements: number of operational bases, required availability/Turn-Around-Time,
  • Assumed equipment mission profile,
  • Predicted equipment MTBF and maintainability characteristics.
Such proposed Support System Solution provides the following benefits:
  • Keeps the level of ILS-related effort and associated expenses within reasonable limits,
  • Proves, from actual field experience, to be the most efficient and the most cost-effective for the type of proposed electronic equipment.
Beyond the initial warranty period, the minimal way of operating through-life Product Support is the Ad-Hoc Product Support, where ZDS performs repairs of defective LRUs on a case by case survey & quote basis.
Other contractual product support arrangements can also be proposed, including Fixed Rate Product Support and Extended Product Support, in relation with a clear and efficient part obsolescence management policy.


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