As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of more than 95% of the world's land based aircraft arresting systems, Zodiac Arresting Systems America is the world's premier authority and leading provider of arresting system product support services. Periodic maintenance, repairs, upgrades, inspections, and training are all necessary to keep Zodiac Arresting Systems America systems working reliably in the field. Servicing your equipment with OEM certified spare parts is the best way to guarantee optimum performance. 
Quality is vital to our system performance. This is why we adhere to the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. Zodiac Arresting Systems America responds immediately to meet any new U.S. or international regulations for quality and safety. 
With thousands of our systems deployed around the world, we stake our reputation on customer satisfaction and optimized performance through service
We continuously improve the reliability, maintainability, and operational effectiveness of our systems. Zodiac Arresting Systems America's Customers are always assured that new technology and enhanced manufacturing techniques are incorporated into the design and production of all versions of our existing systems. Zodiac Arresting Systems America upgrades, therefore, are a way to continually renew the technology you have invested in and to extend the life of our systems. All product upgrades are retrofitted in the field using genuine certified OEM parts and assemblies.
Our engineers have established maintenance and certification programs for every arresting system we manufacture, including proven maintenance procedures and support documentation, for optimum reliability. Zodiac Arresting Systems America engineers will also recommend additional maintenance work or customize your maintenance schedule based on equipment use and environmental concerns.
Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation is committed to supplying products and services that: 
Meet the customer's requirements
Are defect free
Are delivered on time
We are dedicated to continuous improvements, with the ultimate goal being total customer satisfaction
Zodiac Arresting Systems America offers several different levels of field support services including Inspection, Installations, Site Surveys, Maintenance Plans and Training. Zodiac Arresting Systems America offers all levels of installation support, from inspection and checkout through complete site engineering and construction. Our qualified Field Service Engineers will ensure that every new arresting system is installed to Zodiac Arresting Systems America's exacting specifications, for maximum efficiency, performance and certifications for operation. 
Our services include: 
  • Detailed Site Surveys 
  • Civil Engineering Services 
  • Custom Layout & Installation Plans 
  • Construction & Installation Checkout 
  • Turnkey Installation
Zodiac Arresting Systems America maintenance plans span the entire lifecycle of your arresting system. We recommend daily, weekly, monthly, and other periodic inspection plans that meet system and customer requirements. Also included are preventative maintenance activities, as well as inspection surveys and/or overhauls, which can be performed in-factory or at customers' locations.
Certified Training by Zodiac Arresting Systems America engineers and qualified field technicians ensures the safe and efficient operation of arresting systems throughout life of the product. We offer the following training at our factory and worldwide at your facility: 
  • Equipment Installation
  • Systems Operation
  • Systems Maintenance
  • Systems Overhaul
  • Custom Training