Zodiac Airline Interior Integration


Zodiac Airline Interior Integration (legal name Heath Tecna), is the foremost supplier of high quality retrofit equipment for airliner cabins, providing creative design solutions and integral aftermarket support to the airline industry. From marvelous to inexpensive, the company offers innovative architectures and sophisticated furnishings to help customers make their interiors appealing and distinct.

Since the early 1950s, when Harold Heath founded the company, Zodiac Airline Interior Integration has engineered, built, and certified interior components for more than 7,000 aircraft around the globe. Today, more than 20% of all operating passenger aircraft with more than 100 seats have the company’s interior components installed.
Offering exacting engineering services, a flexible design approach, and cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, Zodiac Airline Interior Integration designs and crafts unique cabin furnishings for airlines and aircraft lessors. The company has built a wide-range of furniture, monuments, and other furnishings including coat closets, VCC units, purser workstations, lavatories, bar units, sofas, class dividers, supplementary seat furniture, and more. They also specialize in supplying beautiful cabin architectures, producing components for retrofit kits that may include ceiling panels, life raft stowages, linings, overhead bin systems, bin extension kits, PSU parts, sidewalls, sidewall stowages, dadoes, floor panels, structures, and other miscellaneous equipment. 
As a business that runs as a one-stop shop, Zodiac Airline Interior Integration operates a Repair Station, certified by the FAA under CFR Part 145, within its Bellingham headquarters. It is staffed with skilled technicians who maintain, repair, and overhaul aircraft interior equipment. Furthermore, they have a great spares team who is AS9120 certified to distribute spare parts for the aerospace industry.

Joining the Zodiac Aerospace Family

In September of 2011, Zodiac Aerospace acquired Heath Tecna, allowing the subsidiary’s offerings to complement and broaden Zodiac Aerospace’s portfolio of products and services to better serve the retrofit market for commercial aircraft. In February of 2013, Heath Tecna became a founding member and leader of the Zodiac Airline Cabin Interiors division, reporting to the Cabin branch, and subsequently changed its trade name to Zodiac Airline Interior Integration by early 2014. 

Industry Approvals

Building on robust quality systems, members of the company’s quality team have the mission of striving for continuous improvements in all aspects of the business. This mission is embraced by everyone at Zodiac Airline Interior Integration.
The company holds various certifications and approvals from governmental regulatory agencies, quality associations, and from airframe OEMs. These qualifications were obtained for production operations, as well as the company’s aftermarket activities. 

Production Quality & Approvals

  • Certified AS9100 and ISO 9001 by National Quality Assurance
  • FAA conformity inspections are performed by FAA DMIRs on staff when necessary (Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative)
  • Certified Operator Inspection Training (approved by FAA)
  • OEM quality approvals by Airbus, Boeing (D6-82479), and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation
  • Boeing D6-50022 Supplier Code Designation

Aftermarket Services Certifications

  • Certified AS9110, AS9120 and FAA AC 00-56 by NQA
  • Certified by the FAA to operate a Repair Station under CFR Part 145 (Air Agency Certificate) and EASA Part 145 Approval