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Does your repair department needs assistance with maintenance and repair of our Galley Equipment? Does your repair department needs assistance with spare parts ordering, inventory management, repair shop set up and process, assistance and preparation for station certification, use of CMM/IPC, and much more?  

If your answer is YES to any of these questions above, please contact your representative for further information regarding your needs and requirements.

Keep your equipment running like new
Keeping your equipment running like new is critical to your business. Over time all equipment needs to be checked and repaired to insure its airworthiness and safety. To help take the guess work out of repairs and maintenance, Zodiac AirCatering Equipment, formerly known as Driessen Galley Equipment, can provide you with a recommended spare parts list enabling you to order only what you will need. This comprehensive list has been compiled from our 75 years of experience and industry knowledge. This list will advise you on which replacement parts will be needed, and the recommended time they will be needed. Please contact your Avio Diepen or Zodiac Aerospace representative to receive your copy.
Well maintained equipment: 
  • Has a longer lifetime, resulting in a better ROI
  • Is easier to maneuver and handle
  • Is treated better, reducing maintenance costs 
  • Prevents injuries and aircraft damage
  • Makes your crew happier 
  • Creates a better impression when serving food
Check availability Spare Parts on-line
Did you know that now you can check availability all Spare Parts of Zodiac AirCatering Equipment directly on line by visiting:
Order Spare parts on-line
Ordering our spare parts has never been easier, it’s all online! All it takes is few clicks to register and your spare parts order is on its way, please visit:
Lead Time 
Nothing can slow your business more than waiting on parts to arrive. To ensure you receive your spare parts on time without delay, all orders are processed on daily basis. If there is ever a part that is urgently needed and you are concerned about delivery times, please feel free to check
Stock items
Zodiac AirCatering Equipment understands keeping your equipment in top working order is integral to your business. To insure you can receive your delivery of spare parts in a timely and cost effective manner, our partner Avio Diepen operates warehouses on every continent. Warehouses are fully stocked and you can be confident that the products you need most will be available when you need them. Whether your part is a stock item or custom, Zodiac AirCatering Equipment and Avio Diepen will work with you to insure that your spare parts are available to you upon request
Safe and airworthy equipment
Complying with airworthiness regulations and manufacturer’s warranty is important to your business. To insure the safety of crew and passengers, all moving parts must be checked before every flight to insure they are functioning correctly. 
Zodiac AirCatering Equipment is committed to the safety and airworthiness regulations. Only OEM approved spare parts comply with the regulations and the manufacturer’s warranty. To learn more about OEM spare parts, and Zodiac AirCatering Equipment’s commitment to safety, please visit our website or contact your area representative.


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