Zodiac Aerotechnics (Sensing & System Management)

Zodiac Aerotechnics - Sensing and System Management (ZSSM) is a Zodiac Aerospace Business Unit that designs and manufactures highly critical sensors and monitoring systems.  We are proud to serve the main aircraft and helicopter manufacturers with state of the art equipments and systems.

Since the Concorde in 1964, Zodiac Aerotechnics - Sensing and System Management (ZSSM) has continuously improved its capacity to build complex management systems integrating fuel gauging, automatic refueling control, center of gravity management and cockpit display functions. Expending on its fuel management expertise, ZSSM has also developed an extensive know-how in the area of sensors, highly critical systems, hardware, software, modeling and simulation tools and techniques. Our skilled engineers can define system architecture tailored to aircraft requirements, safety and certification demands.  Therefore, ZSSM has emerged as the center of electronics development expertise within the Zodiac Aerospace Group. 
Zodiac Sensing and System Management is recognized as a world class supplier of safety critical airborne electronic systems, a leader in fuel measurement and management systems and a state-of-the art provider of air conditioning monitoring and ice sensing systems. 
We are committed to support our customers to rise to the Aerospace challenges using an expertise that comes from years of experience, a highly talented workforce and a significant involvement in advanced research and technology programs.