Zodiac Aerotechnics (Oxygen Systems)

Zodiac Aerotechnics designs, manufactures and integrates oxygen systems marketed under the EROS® trademark, and passenger service units for the civil and military aviation markets. Set up as a department when Zodiac Aerotechnics was founded, it boasts more than 50 years of experience in the area of oxygen systems. Our products are distributed by Zodiac Aerospace Services through our worldwide network.

Zodiac Oxygen Systems Europe (ZOSE) areas of expertise not only cover the complete oxygen systems but also the system integration capabilities:

  • EROS® Crew Oxygen Masks: quick-donning mask-regulators for crew protection
  • Military Crew Oxygen Masks
  • Stowage Boxes and Cups
  • Gaseous Oxygen Source Cylinders: with Regulators or Valve Assemblies
  • Oxygen Regulators and Flow Control Units
  • Oxygen Container Assemblies for Passenger Protection
  • Integrated and Modular Passenger Service Unit
  • Oxygen System Integration Capabilities

Acknowledged world leader in crew masks with our EROS® brand being the standard by which all crew masks are measured, ZOSE is proud to present the following features in the field of oxygen systems:

  • Innovative and pioneering spirit:
  • Created the first pneumatic, quick donning mask
  • Created the first integrated smoke goggles
  • Created the first stowage box for masks in the cockpit
  • Created the first tension control harness for greater comfort
  • Created the first secure noise reduction system
  • Created the first wide-angle smoke goggles
  • Created the first convertible oxygen mask
  • Unmatched performance of our products
  • Continuous focus on customer satisfaction with a dedicated team for each program
  • Global service through Zodiac Services to meet requirements in terms of performance, quality and deadline for our customers worldwide
  • Oxygen system tailored to your aircraft requirements, safety and certification demands

Zodiac Aerotechnics supplies most of the world's aircraft manufacturers in oxygen systems such as Airbus, Boeing, Comac, Dassault, Cessna, Bombardier, Embraer, Sukhoi, HAL, Casa and Gulfstream.