Zodiac Aero Evacuation Systems

Zodiac Aero Evacuation Systems (formerly known as Air Cruisers), the only company in the world to offer a comprehensive range of inflatable safety products. Zodiac Aero Evacuation Systems is a world leader for civil aviation Evacuation Slides, Slide/Rafts, Life Rafts, Life Vests and Helicopter Emergency Flotation equipment.



All of our products are supported by our worldwide sales and service network with the additional support of our factory based engineering staff and factory trained technicians with manufacturing facilities in France, the United States and Mexico. Zodiac Aero Evacuation Systems uses the international network of Zodiac Aerospace Services to offer technical and after-sales support.
Zodiac Aero Evacuation Systems has over 75 years of experience, continually setting the standard of excellence in inflatable technology dedicated to aviation safety.
In 1935, company founder James F. Boyle began Air Cruisers. Initially we made airships. The Air Cruisers name is directly based on this heritage product. In World War II our efforts focused on Life Preservers, Life Rafts and Barrage Balloons. Since then, virtually every significant development in the field of aviation inflatable safety technology has come from Air Cruisers.
Air Cruisers was the first to design and manufacture: inflatable aircraft evacuation slides and slide/rafts, one-person life raft, inflatable life vests helicopter utility floats and emergency inflatable floats, and extended service intervals for all such equipment. With over 75 years of innovative products and experience, Air Cruisers remains the industry standard for innovation in aviation inflatable safety technology.
Since 1987, Air Cruisers has been a subsidiary of the Zodiac Aerospace. Air Cruisers achieved a milestone accomplishment by receiving Boeing's Presidents Award for excellence twice; 1997 and 2003. This affirms our dedication to the aviation industry and our customer base.  In 2013, Air Cruisers has changed its name to Zodiac Aero Evacuation Systems to establish its presence as a member of the Zodiac Aerospace group.
Our goal is not just to meet our customers’ requirements, but to exceed them.

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