Managing your shares

Your Zodiac Aerospace shares may be managed in one of three forms: bearer shares, registered administered shares or pure registered shares.


Bearer shares (“actions au porteur”)

These are managed by an authorized financial intermediary (a bank or stockbroker) in a registered share account. This is the most usual form in France. The name of the shareholder is not known to the Company. The shareholder is required to pay a custody fee.

Registered administered shares (“actions au nominatif administré”)

These are managed by a financial intermediary; the shareholder’s name is known to the Zodiac Aerospace Group and the shareholder is entitled to receive regular information throughout the year. The shareholder still has to pay a custody fee.

Pure registered shares (“actions au nominatif pur”)

These are recorded in the Company’s registers; the shareholder does not pay a custody fee and receives regular information from the Company.
Société Générale is the bank charged with the management of registered shares for Zodiac Aerospace.
The pure registered share format is beneficial for people who do not make frequent transactions on their Zodiac Aerospace securities portfolio.
Contact your financial intermediary to have your shares registered as pure registered shares.

A double voting right is conferred on pure registered shares or administered registered shares after they have been held by the same shareholder for 4 years.