Telemetry - Ground Segment

Capitalizing more than forty years experience and background on flight test telemetry, Zodiac Data Systems is able to provide products or turnkey solutions for the whole telemetry chain from sensors to data processing and display.
For the ground segment telemetry, the Zodiac Data Systems " Network Telemetry" solution is based on the in-house  technical expertise in the fields of telemetry data reception , data recording and ddata distribution.
Tracking antenna product line starts from 70cm to 11m dish diameter. Antenna pedestal can be single axis, dual or three axis for fixed, mobile or naval tracking of all type of target (space launchers, missile, aircraft, UAV, ground vehicle...)
The Cortex RTR telemetry receiver is a world leader; at the top of the edge for microwave reception quality and performing digitally the different demodulations. It includes numerous post processing functions allowing a drastic simplification of the telemetry data processing and analysis.
The ground recorders product range allows to record, in real time, IF signal, telemetry signal and to perform post-flight replay.


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