Proven Performance Earns Aviation Industry Accolades!

“ It will stop an aircraft, quickly and safely, with very little or no damage to the aircraft or occupants.” -Peter Horton, Director of Airports, Monroe County, FL

“ We are ecstatic with the performance of the EMAS installation, 34 people are alive today because of it.” Richard Atkinson III, Director, Yeager Airport

 . . . we know that the Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) played an important role and I was glad to be part of getting it funded and built at Yeager.” Jay Rockefeller, Senator, West Virginia

“ The real dividend here is that 34 people are walking around and healthy because of that investment.” Randy Babbitt, FAA Administrator

“ There is no reason . . . any airport that doesn’t have an adjacent safety area wouldn’t have an arrestor bed.” - Jim Hall, former NTSB Chairman

. . . the EMAS worked exactly as it was supposed to. The two pilots and three passengers on board were not injured, and the aircraft was not damaged. An outstanding accomplishment!” - Joseph Frasher, AAE, Airport Director, Greenville Downtown Airport, SC

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