RCAM Training

Zodiac Arresting Systems offers industry-leading Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM) training designed and presented by the authors of the original TALPA ARC guidance.

Zodiac Arresting Systems’ RCAM Training Program is an interactive e-training program that consists of general knowledge and duty specific modules that detail runway condition reporting and assessment methodologies from the Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) and current FAA guidance on the use of the RCAM. 
The RCAM provides a common language that ties together manufacturer’s landing and takeoff performance calculations, the airport’s abilities to report runway conditions, and an aircrew’s ability to make assessments of landing capabilities while in flight.
The RCAM is the result of validation conducted by the FAA at the recommendation of the TALPA ARC in 2009. Subsequent review by industry representatives instrumental in the development of the RCAM, along with the FAA, airport operators, and air carrier representatives, resulted in the recommendation that the FAA implement the RCAM and its processes into aviation operations in late 2016.
The RCAM will affect every aspect of aviation from airport operation, pilot decision making, ATC considerations, dispatch planning, aircraft performance engineering, and safety reporting. 
Whether your job involves being a plow operator, pilot, safety inspector, or airport manager, sharing a fundamental understanding of the concepts involved in the RCAM will be vital.

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  • Assist in complying with FAR Part 139 training requirements
  • Provide integrated training capabilities with the airline operators, ATC, and FAA inspectors 
  • Provide comprehensive safety management knowledge to mitigate errors in operations
  • An engaging interactive multi-media learning experience ensuring the highest level of safety, going beyond mere compliance.
  • Provide off-the-shelf training for international operators using US airports
  • Schedule/track/record group training activities 

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Free RCAM/TALPA Webinar, Oct. 20: “Get Prepared for the New Field Condition Reporting” 

Provided by NBAA and sponsored by Zodiac Arresting Systems America


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