EMASMAX® is the latest, most durable version of Zodiac Arresting Systems’ field-proven EMAS, developed with and approved by the FAA. 

EMASMAX arrestor beds are composed of blocks of lightweight, crushable cellular cement material designed to safely stop airplanes that overshoot runways. It is FAA-accepted as an equivalent to a standard Runway End Safety Area and is an acceptable alternative for preventing overrun catastrophes at airports where runway end safety areas (RESA) do not exist or are impractical due to environmental or other issues.

EMASMAX features a Jet Blast Resistant (JBR) 502 coating, a third generation upgrade of the original EMAS. It is designed to reduce the costs of installation and maintenance of the safety system that has performed flawlessly since it was first installed at U.S. airports in 1996. The EMASMAX system maximizes runway safety with the same level of superior overrun protection and yet offers easier and quicker installation, improved durability and greatly reduced maintenance over previous EMAS systems. The system has the same proven performance and ability to safely arrest commercial aircraft.

With EMASMAX, there is a potential to minimize environmental impact & costs by not having to do excessive fill and build-out, to improve safety areas at a faster rate than the full build-out option, and also to have superior performance over a standard safety area. A total of 12 aircrafts, ranging from a Cessna Citation to a Boeing 747, have been safely arrested, saving the lives of 282 passengers/crew members.

The EMASMAX system enhancements include:

  • Plastic Bottom Tray with integrated forklift slots that provides improved moisture protection from below and permits easier handling and quicker installation with standard equipment.
  • Plastic Top Cover that provides superior moisture and mechanical protection while virtually eliminating the need to paint the bed. The plastic material is flame retardant and chemical/UV resistant.
  • Silicone Seam Seal that provides superior, longer lasting sealing of block joints and substantially reduces installation time and effort.
  • Extruded Silicone Side Sealer that provides a higher quality seal on exposed block sides and is quickly installed with standard equipment.
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