The FAA has tested and approved Zodiac Arresting Systems’ EMAS for use at commercial airports throughout the United States. 

In March of 2004, FAA issued Policy Order 5200.9 providing EMAS equivalency to a Standard Runway Safety Area (RSA), allowing airports to comply using EMAS in a shorter RSA without having to acquire additional land. Zodiac Arresting Systems’ use of an engineered material for controlled deceleration is a first in this industry. Since introducing our development work in the early 1990s, we have continued to improve and refine our materials through dedicated investment in research and development initiatives. Besides proving the capability to safely decelerate aircraft, from small commuter planes to wide-body jets such as the Boeing B-747, the material's predictable and reliable performance also has the potential for other applications, such as the deceleration of threat vehicles.

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