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November 2016

Zodiac Data Systems GmbH turns 50

Initially called Heim, which was the name of the founder, back in 1966, the society began its activities in data recorders for the avionics industry. Acquired successively in 1996 by Racal Electronics, and in 2002 by Thompson (Thales), Heim is bought in 2002 by IN-SNEC, an entity of the Zodiac Aerospace group, today called Zodiac Data Systems. In 2009, the division Zodiac Data Systems is created and Heim Systems GmbH becomes Zodiac Data Systems GmbH. 

Zodiac Data Systems GmbH, which turns 50 years old this year, develops and produces both mobile and stationary data acquisition and recording systems. These systems record typically analog and digital data for development purposes. One of the most important factors for Zodiac Data Systems equipment is an extremely high synchronization between all incoming data channels. Due to this synchronization the customer is capable to correlate the incoming data from potentially hundreds of channels in order to identify still existing issues with the current state of their product. Clients are usually industrial companies, including airplane manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. 
On the occasion of the jubilee – which took place in September 2016 – Zodiac Data Systems GmbH organized an event for employees and their families at the Krewelshof in Lohmar (Germany) including company tours and activities for kids. For the company tour, several stations were prepared to make it easier to understand Zodiac Data Systems business: Museum to show evolution of the products, environmental test bench, development stations with an infrared camera, Electrical Production department.


Initially called Heim, which was the name of the founder,...

Zodiac Data Systems has recently moved one of its production site...