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  • Agreement between ESCO and Runway Safe
December 2016

Agreement between ESCO and Runway Safe

ESCO and Runway Safe announced today that they reached an agreement to end the lawsuit between them.

The terms were not announced and will remain confidential. Trial in the action had been scheduled to begin on November 7, 2016, in federal court in Austin, Texas, but was adjourned in light of the parties’ agreement. The parties dismissed all claims in the case against each other without any admission of liability by either party. Both ESCO and Runway Safe expressed their satisfaction with the agreed resolution. *


  • Runway Safe: Marc Klein Marc.klein@runwaysafe.com 630.816.6495
  • Zodiac Arresting Systems America (ESCO): Kevin Quan Kevin.quan@zodiacaerospace.com 856.241.8620 Ext 4452