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Corporate Name


Registered office

Zodiac Aerospace
61 rue Pierre Curie
78370 Plaisir

Form, nationality and legislation
A société anonyme (French limited liability company) with a Management Board and Supervisory Board, governed by current and future legal and regulatory provisions.
Constitution and term
The Company was created in 1910. The term of the Company will expire on March 12, 2033 unless dissolved early or extended.
Trade and companies register
729 800 821 R.C.S. Versailles
NAF – French business code (NAF): 7010Z
Financial year
From September 1 to August 31


Summary of corporate purpose (Article 3 of the Bylaws)

The design, construction, sale, purchase, lease and representation of all maritime and aerial navigation equipment of all kinds and all materials.
The design, construction, sale, purchase, lease and representation of all objects, whether or not made of rubber and in particular (but not limited to) pneumatic gangways and equipment, balloons and other aerial equipment, sports and camping equipment, protective and other clothing, storage materials, tents and hangars – pneumatic or otherwise.
The purchase, sale and operation of all patents for inventions concerning the objects mentioned in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article; the purchase, sale and operation of all licenses related to them; and the design, refinement and production of all structures and equipment and production of all industrial structures, equipment and facilities relating to them.
The creation or participation in the creation of any companies, associations, groupings or generally any industrial or financial tangible or intangible asset transactions related directly or indirectly to the aforementioned object or to any similar or connected objects or objects that could facilitate the application, production and development thereof or potentially strengthen the material or moral position of the Company or its subsidiaries.

Disclosure threshold (Article 9 of the Bylaws)

Pursuant to Article 9 of the Group’s Bylaws, any individual or legal entity who holds or comes to hold a percentage of the Company’s capital equal to 2% of the capital is required to inform the Company of the total number of shares of the Company that it holds directly or indirectly within 15 days from the day that this disclosure threshold is crossed.
Failure to comply with this obligation and subject to a request recorded in the Minutes of the General Meeting by one or more shareholders holding at least 5% of the equity capital or a multiple of that percentage, the shares exceeding the 2% threshold which should have been declared are stripped of their voting right for all General Meetings of Shareholders which are held for a period of two years following the date on which the breach in notification is corrected.

A leading provider of aerospace equipment

The Zodiac Aerospace Group is a world leader in aerospace equipment.
The Group operates in three main business areas:
Equipment and safety systems for aircraft, helicopters and air transport. These activities come under the Zodiac Aerosafety division, which has inherited all the Group’s expertise in inflatable and elastomer equipment.
Aircraft equipment and systems. This equipment contributes to the proper operation of aircraft: management of electrical power, hydraulic and fuel circulation systems, onboard oxygen, actuation systems, lighting etc. These activities are grouped together within the Zodiac Aircraft Systems division.
Cabin interior equipment for commercial, regional and business aircraft. In this area, Zodiac Aerospace operates in three segments: cabin interior fittings; galleys (kitchens), inserts (culinary electrical equipment) and trolleys for on-board service; and passenger and crew seats. These activities fall respectively within the Zodiac Cabin & Structures, Zodiac Galleys & Equipment and Zodiac Seats divisions.

To provide airline companies with the best performance in terms of availability of aircraft components and operational support, Zodiac Services offers a broad range of after-sales service (spare parts, maintenance, retrofit, technical training) and it has a global service network for the repair and distribution of spare parts.




H1 2017/2018 results
H1 2017/2018 results

Plaisir, April 24, 2018 – The Supervisory Board of Zodiac Aerospace Group, chaired by Louis Desang

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Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace enter into a partnership for new lower-deck sleeping facilities
Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace enter into a partnership for new lower-deck sleeping facilities

Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018, Hamburg Germany, 10th of April 2018 - Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace

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Legal profile