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Principles of sustainable governance

Positioned at the very heart of the major issues facing tomorrow’s world (mobility of people and goods, better well-being, safety, environmental protection in all corners of the earth, fight against corruption, etc.), Zodiac Aerospace conducts a responsible growth strategy in line with the ethical principles surrounding personal fulfillment, preservation of the environment, safety and security.

Codes of Professional Conduct

These principles have been enshrined in a Code of Professional Conduct incorporating:
  • Group’s Values;
  • Ethics Code;
  • Group Health Safety Environment Policy.


Strategic directions

Positioned in a dynamic global market, Zodiac Aerospace has defined a strategy of sustainable growth, based on acquiring specialized companies in core aerospace businesses, enhancing its competitiveness, and protecting its performance against dollar fluctuations.
Zodiac Aerospace is guided by five constant factors:
  • Steady growth in earnings per share;
  • Diversification in high-technological businesses areas through internal and external growth;
  • The selection of niche markets to strengthen or acquire leading position;
  • A worldwide after-sales network;
  • The alignment of our operations with the Principles of the Global Compact.  

Local accessibility and rigorous standards to offer the best service throughout the world

Zodiac Aerospace’s industrial sites are located in the geographic regions where the main aerospace manufacturers are concentrated, particularly in North America and Europe.
Zodiac Aerospace is composed of:

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This industrial organization enables the Group to offer the best service to its main customers such as aircraft manufacturers and airlines. With more than three-quarters of its staff based outside France, Zodiac Aerospace benefits from an international outlook that is vital to understanding the requirements of its markets. This organization gives it the capacity to react rapidly and be innovative, at the same time as allowing for local cultures.


Zodiac Aerospace shareholders meeting
Zodiac Aerospace shareholders meeting

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Principles of sustainable governance