Our HR programs

Zodiac Aerospace offers an HR policy with programs designed to attract and develop talent.
The Human Resources department aims to assist in the Group’s transformation in the framework of the Focus plan deployment as close to the field as possible and continue their priority mission of managing talents to support its development.
The Human Resources team aims to assist, as close to the field as possible, the Group’s transformation as part of the Focus plan roll-out and continue their priority mission of managing talents to support its development.

Training Policy

Our training policy is based on the obvious: the satisfaction of our customers depends largely on the level of technical and behavioral achievements of our employees. Our industry is constantly changing and requires anticipation.

Training is essential to gain skills on his job through his career and to develop individual performance. Our courses are structured around three axes: skills development training (technical, language...) and so-called behavioral training (leadership, communication ...). 

We want to develop our training program. As for example, training "Management" which brought together more than 250 leaders in France should soon be extended to other countries.


Graduate Program

Zodiac Aerospace, in search of new talent, places our relationships with schools /universities at the heart of our recruitment strategy and establishes an action plan with our target schools. School forums, facility visits, conferences, professional and scientific projects are organized throughout the year to give the opportunity to students to learn more about the Group. Numerous internships or VIE contract opportunities are available within our divisions in France and abroad. Internships and VIE are offered in various fields: research, operations, finance, marketing, sales, communications…

Internal Mobility Policy

We promote internal mobility. This mobility enables employees to enrich their career paths. It gives each person the opportunity to develop their skills and gain increased responsibility. Mobility also gives employees the chance to move forward in an international environment and work abroad.

Professional and/or geographic mobility plays a major role in the growth of the Group. Zodiac Aerospace encourages the desire for mobility within the Group with our 99 locations in 16 countries. Our American and European presence, and the development of the Group in emerging countries all provide opportunities for our Employees. To facilitate this mobility, all job opportunities in the Group are available on a mobility database.


Technical Expert Policy

In order to offer our technical experts the opportunity for professional success in their chosen field, Zodiac Aerospace has set up a formal system for recognizing the achievements of its technical specialists. The expert program was created to detect, develop and recognize technical excellence. The Expert program allows employees to move from the technical field to the managerial field. The experts play an essential role in knowledge transfer and in the ability to capitalize on their technical knowhow.