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Zodiac Seats designs, certifies and assembles innovative, personalizable and high-added-value products. In providing its expertise to all market customers, the Division draws on a strong international presence.


A range of innovative products
Employing several teams of designers, Zodiac Seats products reflect the determination to combine three fundamental challenges for the seats market:
  • continuous improvement in passenger seat comfort and ergonomics,
  • the possibility of offering differentiation to its airline company customers with personalizable products. Zodiac Seats offers state-of-the-art design that incorporates high-tech equipment,
  • ongoing research to optimize the available cabin space (passenger numbers, stowage etc.).
Support throughout the product lifetime.
Zodiac Seats guarantees technical and commercial support worldwide through its numerous support centers (in conjunction with Zodiac Services) and repair stations.
Zodiac Seats works with customers in:
  • developing innovative service offers to cut maintenance costs,
  • redesigning the cabin.
A segment with complementary approaches
Within the segment, Zodiac Seats deploys numerous synergies which enable it to improve on common challenges such as:
  • ergonomics
  • cabin layout
  • eco-design
Zodiac Seats encompasses the following activities: 

Passenger Seats   Technical Seats    
Zodiac Seats includes the leading providers of aircraft seats for passengers and crew, gathered around 3 divisions:


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