• Philanthropy



A lasting commitment with the Association Petits Princes 

Since 2003, the Zodiac Aerospace group has an ongoing commitment to Association Petits Princes, a highly regarded French association recognized as being of public utility. 

Created in 1987, Association Petits Princes has made dreams come true for seriously ill children with cancer, leukemia or genetic disorders. 

The mission of Association Petits Princes concentrates on two essentials:
  • Long-term support which means that Association Petits Princes does not limit its work to the realization of one dream. Several projects can be organized for the same child depending on his or her treatments and hospitalization. Association Petits Princes offers comfort to children throughout their illness.
  • As a child’s illness distresses the whole family, parents and siblings are involved in the dreams and the Association Petits Princes team listens carefully to them.
The Zodiac Aerospace group contributes financial support to Association Petits Princes as well as logistics and human assistance to help realize the dreams related to its activity sectors.
Over the last 14 years, this partnership has enabled young children of exemplary courage to enjoy unique and memorable experiences.
Altogether, over seventy “little princes” have seen their dream come true, significantly helped by the contribution of Zodiac Aerospace employees giving their working time as well as their free time to enable the children to benefit from extremely special experiences.

Local initiatives 

Zodiac Aerospace strives to encourage its entities to develop local actions of philanthropy over the long term, in compliance with the Group’s ethical rules. These initiatives are mainly focused in the fields of education, culture or sport.