• Ethics Code

Ethics Code

Zodiac Aerospace has instituted an Ethics Code, available to all Group employees and available on the intranet. The Group's Code of Ethics is a code of conduct concerning its environment. It is based on honesty, integrity, fairness and protection. This code is signed by all Group employees.



Specific lines of conduct

These principles enshrined by the Ethics Code are intended to give employees clear guidelines for professional behavior to guide them in their decision-making. This code aims to fight against conflicts of interest and risks of corruption, and protecting the Group’s intellectual property / heritage. It also includes a specific section on stock market ethics.

In addition, Zodiac Aerospace group representatives and employees are subject to compliance with all current and future legal, regulatory and contractual provisions as well as all internal rules, especially those defined in the internal regulations, IT charters, etc. that apply to them.

Every Group employee is encouraged to denounce conduct in inadequacy with the Group’s ethical rules, either to his manager or to the Group’s Ethics Officer who reports to the Chairman of the Management Board.


Business ethics

The Ethics Code focuses on business ethics and exemplary behavior of employees throughout the Group, in terms of transparency and loyalty.

The provisions of this Deontological code are reiterated in the other Group codes. Thus, the “procurement policy” reminds Group buyers of the applicable rules for preventing conflicts of interest and corruption.

The Zodiac Aerospace group strengthened in 2014 its ethical requirements by signing the Global Compact of the United Nations, which defines 10 universally accepted principles around human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption. Regarding the last point, the Group Manager Charter signed by all managers also helped to disseminate good practice in the fight against corruption on all Group sites.


Insider misconducts prevention

Some managers of Zodiac Aerospace may hold stock options or be shareholders of Zodiac Aerospace. To prevent insider breaches, a Deontological Code reminds what is an insider information, the necessity to protect insider information, the regulations that are in force and the penalties, and the behaviors to observe. A financial publication calendar, recalling dates of quiet periods in which any transaction is prohibited, is also available on the company intranet.

Ethics Code