Group Values

Humility, Realism, Entrepreneurial spirit and Respect are the four values which crossed the History and have forged the culture of Zodiac Aerospace group.


Our Values


Humility means recognizing that there are always better than ourselves and that we can learn from others. It urges to not glorify ourselves for a success and not to take all the credit. It leads to not considering that, whatever the title or function, there are small tasks and "major tasks".
Realism should lead to take only into account the existing facts to grow the Group's activities and especially its results. The conduct of business must be conducted rationally and objectively. It is in the conduct of people that the heart has its place. 
The Entrepreneurial spirit means taking measured risks, to be creative, to trust each other / build trust and be confident. This requires having a responsible attitude regarding the company and pay attention to markets.
Respect for what has been accomplished, what is underway, and what remains to be achieved. Respect for one's own work and that of others. Respect for the uniqueness of every individual. After respect comes trust then sharing and finally recognition.
For its employees, Zodiac Aerospace also cultivates a taste for transparency, communication and at the same time promotes development and progression within the Group.