• Governance


For Zodiac Aerospace, corporate governance is based on two guiding principles:
  • Recognition of responsibility of members of the Supervisory Board towards the Group’s shareholders;
  • Awareness of the Zodiac Aerospace group’s footprint on its global environment and consideration for all parties involved.

Responsibility of members of the Supervisory Board towards the Group’s shareholders

In addition to the ongoing concern of members of the Supervisory Board to optimize the return on the capital invested by shareholders, the members are individually bound by the Ethics Charter they have signed, which defines their rights and obligations.

Zodiac Aerospace’s global environmental footprint

The second guiding principle is the long-term perspective to which Zodiac Aerospace subscribes: a responsible attitude towards environmental and social issues, integrating all stakeholders:
  • Customers;
  • Employees;
  • Shareholders;
  • Suppliers;
  • Partners;
  • Government;
  • Investors;
  • Associations and NGOs;
  • Citizens, etc.