• Supplier Policy

Supplier Policy

Part of the overall Supply Chain, Zodiac Aerospace suppliers are key in ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, supporting our innovation and securing our competitiveness. 

Procurement Policy

Our Procurement Policy aims to:
  • Ensure that our supply chain can meet our requirements in terms of quality and service level, thereby allowing us to respect all commitments to our customers. 
  • Develop privileged relations with suppliers who will contribute to improve our competiveness through their cost-efficiency, technical expertise, innovation capacity, reactivity and ability to support us in the long term.
We systematically assess the performance of our suppliers, taking into account their quality and service levels, their compliance with our quality requirements, their ability to adequately manage their main risks and demonstrate mature processes.
We will systematically give fair and factual feedback to our suppliers on their performance, and we will help them identify improvement areas in order to progress further. 
With its suppliers, Zodiac Aerospace favors relations based on trust, respect of commitments and shared objectives.
Each of our employees must deal with the suppliers in accordance with the Zodiac Aerospace ‘Code of ethics’, ensuring in particular that every supplier is treated fairly and honestly. Zodiac Aerospace only works with suppliers who are themselves committed to respecting the values of our group as outlined in our ‘Code of ethics’ 
In accordance with the Zodiac Aerospace ‘Code of Ethics’ our employees shall not ask for or accept from suppliers any gift, donations or favors which might compromise their impartiality or their ability to take independent decisions.

Supplier Quality Policy

Zodiac Aerospace supports Quality culture deployment to its partners by:
  • Monitoring strict compliance to Zodiac Aerospace requirements (including Aviation Safety and airworthiness rules)
  • Promoting AS/EN/JISQ 9100 certification, and NADCAP certification for special processes
  • Fostering a culture of “safety first” 
  • Providing guidelines and training modules
Our partners commit to achieving targeted operational performances and strengthening their management of operational processes by:
  • Being compliant to Zodiac Aerospace requirements
  • Controlling their manufacturing processes 
  • Developing a risk-based approach within the whole organization
  • Implementing continuous improvement to ensure robust processes 

Supplier Environment, Health & Safety Policy 

Zodiac Aerospace supports EHS culture deployment to its partners by:
  • Promoting a Health, Safety & well Being approach (in accordance with OHSAS 18001 standard)
  • Promoting an Environmental approach (in accordance with ISO 14001 standard)
Our partners commit to achieving targeted operational performances and strengthening their management of operational processes by:
  • Setting up a Business Continuity plan to prevent any business disruption
  • Reducing the use of any hazardous substances for the production of Zodiac Aerospace products
  • Taking into account environmental criteria (dismantling, recycling and elimination at the end of the life cycle ) while designing products

Supplier Policy