Zodiac Seats US

Zodiac Seats U.S. is one of the world’s top manufacturers of commercial aircraft seats for airlines and commercial aircraft manufacturers. Its headquarters and primary manufacturing facility is located in Gainesville, Texas with final assembly lines also located in Rancho Cucamonga California, Tianjin, China and a component manufacturing facility in Chihuahua, Mexico. 


Since our founding, Zodiac Seats U.S. has produced more than 1 Million passenger seats for all types of commercial aircraft. We are pleased that we maintain an industry leading market position on numerous aircraft types and the ZSUS’ list of customers is comprised of virtually all the world’s leading airlines.

Zodiac Seats U.S. holds numerous patents on innovative design features and advancements and is at the forefront of the R&D in the industry. This legacy of innovation includes unique mechanisms; regulatory agency recognized safety features as well as many items that have increased passenger comfort and living space. This ability to stretch the limits of design while reducing seat weight continues to demonstrate Zodiac Seats U.S. ongoing innovation leadership.

Zodiac Seats U.S. was the first manufacturer to successfully design and test aircraft seats to meet the Federal Aviation Administration’s Technical Standard Order (TSO) C127 certification for meeting the 16G standard. All ZSUS seats are now designed, tested, and certified to meet the 16G and Head Impact Criteria (HIC) required today.

The Company also maintains its own fully equipped testing and certification lab at the Gainesville facility.   This certification lab has achieved several industry “firsts” with its advances in safety and certification testing and the facility, as well as the people that run it, are fully approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to perform and document this testing.

In addition to the structural testing our seats undergo, each seat design is also tested in many ways to ensure long-term structural strength and reliability. This testing is considered among the most rigorous in the industry and includes:

  • Cycle testing of all moving parts and attachments
  • Abuse testing of arms, backs, tray tables, and video arms
  • AS8049 and ARP-5526 standard loading procedures
  • Complete flammability as well as heat release, smoke density, and toxicity testing of all non-metallic parts used on our seats


Zodiac Seats U.S. reputation for product quality and customer satisfaction is built upon more than seventy years of experience in aircraft seat manufacturing. It is a reputation built on a relentless commitment to innovation and efficiency. This reputation for excellence is stronger than ever thanks to a relentless commitment to process improvement and lean manufacturing advances which are continually being integrated into our manufacturing operations.

A company-wide culture of working “lean” is now permeating every aspect of the Zodiac Seats U.S. operation as we look for ways to improve from the sales cycle to engineering design efforts and from supply chain through manufacturing, to the after-market support. This focus provides benefits every day and translates into many positives for our customers: we meet deadlines, adhere to commitments, and deliver on promises, every day, with every seat we build.