Zodiac Seats France

Zodiac Seats France is one of the world leaders in the airline industry with a long history in the manufacturing of aircraft passenger seats. Our products offer meets the need of airline companies, OEM and helicopters manufacturers.

Since then, we have established a strong reputation for commercial integrity, and secured a leading position in our field thanks to continued efforts toward advanced technology, and the high quality of our manufacturing. Our valued and increasing numbers of customers widely recognize and acknowledge the quality of our products. Most of our seat models are designed in close cooperation with our customers, and carefully tailored to their needs, to meet unique and specific requests.

ZODIAC SEATS FRANCE plays a major role in the steady growth of the air transport industry, supplying quality seating products to airlines around the world. Today, we have earned the confidence of over one hundred airlines. Today, our company counts among its customers, numerous international companies and aircraft manufacturers. To stay always different from the other, each airline companies is looking for innovation, comfort and service improvement. Space, weight, ergonomic, features and design are major criteria for these companies. To answer their demand, ZODIAC SEATS FRANCE proposes a large and various range of customizable, flexible and innovative seats. Every style of seats can integrate different IFE (In Flight Entertainment) equipment.
Our range includes the seats below:

  • Passenger seats intended for the economy class possess sometimes more complex and simple options, according to the type of flight (medium or long haul).
  • Passenger seats of business classes and first class are different by their quality, size, kinematics, comfort, numerous options and cabin integration according to the type of plane (medium or long mail).
  • Crew seats (pilot, co-pilot, hostess) and helicopters seats (pilots and passengers).

ZODIAC SEATS FRANCE’s know-how undeniable and always directed to the customer satisfaction which is based on the following mains points: comfort; passenger living space; design and high technology equipment (tv monitor, video games, Web, phone…). Thus, ZODIAC SEATS FRANCE is working on the below positioning: customization products; high quality range; innovation and flexibility; costs optimization and its know-how.
To enrich its potential and satisfy its customers, ZODIAC SEATS FRANCE also develops internal means allowing it to be more successful:

  • Lean development (better work management)
  • M3-Movex setting up (new IT tool ERP)
  • Ownership and maintenance cost reduction
  • Program management new software setting up
  • More investments in R*D and engineering
  • Integration of "eco conception" on our new products

Since 2010, *ZODIAC SEATS FRANCE is committed to:

  • Make the environment parts of the manufacturing process
  • Identify the environmental issues of products
  • Measure the environmental impact of our products on the environment