MVR - Muzzle Velocity Radar

RDB4-MK3 (MVR) The MVR (Muzzle Velocity Radar) is designed for army muzzle velocity measurements. It forms an integral part of the land-based or sea-borne artillery systems, alongside Fire Control Systems, meteorological stations, navigation and communications systems. A single compact housing integrates the Radio Frequency Head (antenna + transceiver) and the Data Processing Unit. A Man Machine Interface (DKU) is available in option.



Artillery performance improvement, providing: o Firing accuracy o Short firing adjust o Ammunition savings


Main benefits

  • Fully automatic and autonomous
  • High accuracy
  • High sensitivity
  • Versatility, reliability
  • High ruggedness (battle field qualified)
  • Low weight
  • Easy to install onto existing weapon systems
  • Easy maintenance and handling features
  • RF and digital process in same chassis
  • Qualified with all types of ammunitions
  • NATO - STANAG qualified


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