Performance measurement


Zodiac Aerospace has instituted multi-criteria reporting for environmental and safety performance aimed at achieving continuous improvement.


Environmental performance measurement

In accordance with the environmental performance policy conducted by Zodiac Aerospace, General Management is consulted on the implementation of substitution measures for hazardous substances in the manufacturing process.

Substitutions in process – whether or not they prove successful – are tracked on a database to promote the sharing of information in this area.

The main results are as follows:

  • Accident with environmental impact: none recorded
  • Gradual soil pollution: none recorded
  • Gradual pollution of the natural environment: none recorded
  • Active chronic soil pollution: none recorded
  • ICPE (Installations Classées pour la Protection de l’Environnement – Classified Facilities for Environmental Protection), at August 31, 2015:
  • No site subject to registration as a classified facility;
  • 9 sites subject to declaration of which 5 to periodic control;
  • 5 sites are subject to authorization.


Zodiac Aerospace’s greenhouse gaz inventory

In accordance with the article 75 of the French environment law “Grenelle 2”, the French headquartered subsidiaries of the Zodiac Aerospace group with more than 500 employees has published in 2015 the second version of their greenhouse gas inventory. The scopes 1 and 2 (direct emissions and indirect emissions from energy) are reported in the following documents.

Safety performance measurement

Quarterly reporting, conducted at all Group sites, enables various personal safety data to be monitored throughout the Group:

  • Establishment of preventive actions against the risk of fire following visits to these sites by the Group’s insurer;
  • The number of declared workplace accidents;
  • The results of risk assessments;
  • The number of people trained in safety;
  • Actions completed following a Group safety assessment.


Each site in France monitors its Safety targets using Group tools. A database on the Group intranet records all declared workplace accidents involving work stoppage and occupational illnesses.

This database is supplied by all the sites in France. The results are consolidated at Group level (within and outside France) to establish a global assessment of the risks in order to ensure that every site conducts the necessary corrective and preventive actions for ongoing improvement.


Key environmental indicators


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Performance measurement