Zodiac Cabin & Cockpit Systems

The division Zodiac Cabin & Cockpit Systems provides cockpit systems, including: illuminating retro turntables, control panels, keyboards & other components and cockpit equipment.    
It also offers exterior lighting, cabin interior lighting as well as oxygen systems and pilot and passengers masks. This division is located in the USA and in Europe and is organized around 3 entities.


Zodiac Lighting Solutions

Zodiac Lighting Solutions manufactures the latest LED lighting solutions for flight deck and light plates and keyboards and a variety of other cockpit avionics control applications. Flight deck and interior lighting solutions include task lighting, ambiance lighting and are developed for a wide variety of aircraft world-wide.  

Leader in commercial and military flight deck control panel solutions, Zodiac Lighting Solutions builds on the legacy of IDD Aerospace display solutions of flight deck panels and HMI solutions for the world aircraft including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer.  

Zodiac Lighting Solutions supplies interior lighting solutions that include LED replacements for fluorescent and incandescent technology including plug and play Ceiling and Sidewall interior lights, as well as LED signs, reading lights and other solutions.

Zodiac Lighting Solutions ensures the repair and refurbishment of backlit panels and keyboards by FAA/EASA repair station. Overhauled panels are refurbished -like new !


Cockpit & Lighting Systems

The Cockpit and Lighting Systems entity is a world leader in cockpit components and systems. With 50 years of experience in electromechanical components, it is now a major player in cockpit components (switches, lamp and LED indicators and switch guards). It provides cockpit equipment for customers (landing-gear handle, nose-gear steering wheel handle, fire switch, engine switch) and it develops and produces a wide range of control panels through to complete cockpit ceiling panels.

The Cockpit and Lighting Systems entity is also a leader in exterior and cockpit lighting systems by implementing optical and thermal technological innovations and reliability in the use of LED. It offers aircraft manufacturer customers a complete exterior lighting system, i.e. the 10 lighting functions based on the development of LED technology, which cuts electrical power consumption and operating maintenance costs. It also offers helicopter manufacturer customers anti-collision lights and swivel-type retractable lights using HID or LED technology. The lighting range is supplemented by combined expertise in LED cockpit lighting and dimmer systems and safety lighting (for emergency exits).

Zodiac Aerotechnic (Cockpit and Lighting Systems) is the world leader in windshield washer and wiper systems for aircraft and helicopters. It is playing a key part in the development of aircraft and helicopters with bigger and more convex windshields. It uses state-of-the-art technological innovations such as tilting technology to optimize aerodynamics and reduce operating maintenance costs.


Zodiac Oxygen Systems

Zodiac Oxygen Systems manufactures and designs pilot oxygen systems marketed under the Eros brand and passenger masks. The Zodiac Oxygen Systems division reflects its teams’ spirit of innovation in its unique range of oxygen systems and equipment for civil and military aircraft worldwide. It plays a part in all major aerospace programs.

Zodiac Oxygen Systems’ main areas of expertise:

  • Quick-donning oxygen and smoke protection masks for crew;
  • Oxygen regulation and distribution systems for pilots and passengers;
  • Smoke-protection hoods for air crew;
  • Liquid oxygen conversion tanks;
  • Storage and distribution of gaseous oxygen;
  • Physiological protection (anti-G valves, seat-mounted systems, emergency units).

The division provides comprehensive systems for civil aircraft (from business jets to the biggest civil airliners) and military aircraft for weapons, transport and surveillance. It also offers the support functions needed for these segments (testing and tools).


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Zodiac Cabin & Cockpit Systems