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Aircraft Systems

Due to its systems expertise and innovative approach, Zodiac Aircraft Systems has become a leading player in on-board systems that provide essential in-flight functions in the following areas: gauging, circulation and inerting of fuel, oxygen, electricity distribution, flight control, braking, and the management of systems, water and waste, etc.


Zodiac Aircraft Systems, a leading player in on-board systems providing vital functions on board aircraft

Zodiac Aircraft Systems is a leading player in on-board systems. The division provides its expertise and system-based approach for all the main aeronautical segments: commercial, business and regional aircraft and helicopters.

Zodiac Aircraft Systems is anticipating and preparing for the future through new technologies in essential areas such as: improved fuel tank safety and contribution to new on-board electrical power management architectures in the context of more-electric aircraft, passenger and pilot oxygen systems, and IFE systems.


Expertise in on-board systems: key positions in various fields

Its expertise and capacity to innovate position Zodiac Aircraft Systems among the world leaders for a variety of systems and equipment:
  • Fuel inerting, circulation and management systems;
  • Oxygen systems for pilots (including quick-donning masks) and passengers;
  • System management (from on-board sensors to calculators);
  • Electric power management system (primary and secondary distribution boxes and electromechanical and electrostatic switch components);
  • Cockpit and lighting systems and equipment (from ICPs to cockpit components, exterior lighting and windshield-wiping systems);
  • Cabin lighting solutions;
  • Management of on-board drinking water, wastewater and garbage;
  • Actuation systems (on-board actuators and seats);
  • Electronic cabin-control equipment (Zodiac Cabin Controls brand);
  • In-flight entertainment systems (IFE);
  • Hydraulic equipment (manifolds, servovalves and components);
  • Fluid circulation equipment;
  • Remote measurement and transmission systems for flight tests, on-board information systems and direct data liaison and satellite systems;
  • Ground systems for control stations and satellite reception (Telemetry, Tracking & Control – TT&C), Earth observation, and signal quality surveillance).



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Aircraft Systems